Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

So wow, it's been a while...

To be honest, the thing that spurred me to post today was a post on another friend's blog. She mentioned that it's not every day where you can have a blog post on February 29th, and I realized that she's right. But hey, maybe this post will spur me back into writing regularly again. :)

Let's see, what's going on in my life? Well, I bought a house this last year. Closed at the end of July, and moved in right at the middle of August. I'm getting ready to turn 30, which is actually VERY daunting. I know it's technically just another year, but it feels like a big landmark. I decided that I want to celebrate it in some special way, so I decided to go on an LDS singles cruise for my birthday (less because I'm expecting to meet my eternal companion, and more because I'd like to spend such a cruise with people who are in similar places in their lives to me), and there just happened to be one going through the eastern Mediterranean right around that time! So, a former roommate of mine and I will be flying to Rome in May, visiting all the landmarks we can for a couple days, then departing on a one-week cruise. I'm actually really, really excited for it.

As for Leap Day itself, I basically did the same thing as usual, although I'm planning to watch the one episode of Frasier that is about Leap Day to close out the day. What did you do today?

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  1. The same thing I do every day, Bill...Try to take over the world! >:)