Monday, June 13, 2016

The Ghost Theater

On my way home from work, I generally will get off the interstate several exits early and drive the rest of the way home on Geneva Road. I'm not entirely sure why—maybe it's because I like the lower traffic, the more scenic views, and the feel of driving through the less developed area.
The views to the west of Geneva are pretty sparse. Mostly, it's just open fields, with a few new developments cropping up every so often. I'd been driving the route for several months without anything really jumping out at me. Then, one day, I looked to the side, and I saw this:

Hazy vignettes added to give an "ethereal" feel. You're welcome.

Now, I hadn't seen any hint of this building's construction over the past several months. Not a sign. Not a building frame. Not a truck. Nothing. It just seemed to spring up overnight.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I got closer and saw this: 

Special thanks to Google Maps for these images. (I try not to take pictures while I drive!)

Seriously, you'd think I would have heard about a new MegaPlex going up just a couple miles from my house! It was eerie, though, because it seriously was just THERE one day.

The next day at work, I asked a coworker who lives close to me if he knew anything about it, but he was completely unaware, too. I was actually a little bit nervous as I drove home that evening, because if it wasn't there? I was planning a SERIOUS freak-out.

Fortunately, as I came up the road, it was still there, so not only was I NOT living just a few miles from a haunted stretch of road (to my knowledge...), but we got a brand new, fancy theater really close to me. Score!

Funny thing is, about a month later, my roommate had the exact same experience. He came into the house after work and said, "Hey, did you know about that new MegaPlex on Geneva? I drive up and down that road all the time, and today, it was just sort of there! How long has that been there!?"

How long indeed...?

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